Alumni Stories

Annie Foreman-Mackie, Founding Member of Canta Ayra

Annie’s message:

Sometimes it’s not until much later that you realize the true effects of an experience. The dedication of all of you to music, to each other, and to art continues to inspire me. Playing music with Canta Arya not only empowered me, testing my work ethic and attention to detail, but also taught me to be sensitive to other individuals’ styles, sounds, and the importance of matching voices. All of these lesson can be transferred both within the music world, but also far, far beyond.

Even though I am not playing to the same extent that I was in Kingston, music still holds a very important place in my life. And that will always be with me. With us. Thank you Canta Arya!

Annie Foreman-Mackie Today

Having graduated from the Health Sciences program at McMaster University, Annie is today pursuing her Master’s Degree at the University of Toronto. A member of the Canadian Cycling Team, she attributes the discipline of music making to her success as a cyclist – both an individual and team sport.