Providence Manor Collaboration

Since 2008, Canta Arya students have enjoyed a special relationship with the residents of Providence Manor through regular visits there to share their music. These visits range from the informal Music Mates one-on-one visits, to full concerts by the entire school. This multi-generational partnership has enormous benefits for students and residents alike.

Activities include:

  • Music Mates Chats
  • Spousal Dinner Music
  • Courtyard Concerts
  • Garden and Gazebo Concerts 
  • Auditorium Concerts

Dr. David Barber, Long Term Care Program Education Coordinator & Medical Director at Providence Manor, has attended numerous Canta Arya  concerts at Providence and noted the positive and calming benefits that Canta Arya’s violin music has had on the Manor residents. The success of this musical intergenerational relationship has helped foster meaningful relationships between residents, students, families and  health care workers.

I deeply cherish the ability to connect with residents through our music, and I wish I could be able to do this with my own family in another city. Having this time to not only bring performance opportunities to an isolated population, but also be able to play with my friends before I move away, has given me a bit of closure for my disappointment of not being able to say a traditional goodbye to this school, as well as the drive to continue this into my future studies in music and psychology. Thank you, Canta Arya, for inspiring me to keep sharing my music with others! 

Ellie S.
The Canta Arya/Providence Manor Collaboration partnered with The Pro Shooters media production team in the creation of the documentary, “Resonance: Music Across The Ages.” This inspiring film provides insight into the value of the intergenerational musical connections forged between students, long-term care residents, PSWs and families, and we are grateful to be able to share our work with you.

Local & International Outreach

Past Outreach Programs

Canta Arya has participated in fundraising events such as Voices for Africa, Empty Bowls for Martha’s Table, A Song for Haiti, and the Kingston Symphony House Tour concerts. Our past outreach has included performances at St. Mary’s by the Lake, Extendicare, the Kingston General Hospital and at various public schools.

Kingston Canta Arya families and friends have engaged in international outreach, donating hundreds of violins, bows, rosin, books and other materials to the music projects in South Africa’s townships and Zimbabwe. Additionally we have supported on-going teacher training courses.