From Canta Arya Students

I can say without a doubt that being a violinist with Canta Arya has shaped who I am as a person. Not only did the school teach me the art of music, it taught me about sensitivity, perseverance, and above all the power and importance of community. I will be forever grateful for the gifts this school has given me.

Jane S.

I absolutely love helping out the younger kids during group class. It makes me happy to see them enjoying playing the violin as much as I do. I love seeing them smile and showing the little ones that they can just play on the E string. After being online for 2 years, it was really nice to be around the smaller kids! It just makes me happy to be a part of the school.

Blythe B.

I love being an adult student at Canta Arya, because it is one of the few things I do absolutely for myself.  It is a chance to have fun, challenge myself and be creative all at once.

Dianne L.

My friends from Canta Arya were my friends from the very beginning. Though I didn’t always get to spend time with them outside of the ensembles, thanks to years of playing music together I felt a profound connection with them that I had found with no other group of people when I was growing up.


From Canta Arya Parents

It has been a privilege to work with this dynamic and inspiring group of people who come together to support such a  worthy cause as Canta Arya. 

Margaret L.

For my daughter, and for me, Canta Arya has been a great source of community. Having learned piano all alone as a child, I can see the great value in kids learning and playing together as a group. The collective of teachers, mentors, and children of different ages is something very special here.

Kristie M.