Parent Resources

Resources for Families

Included is a list of useful titles for those parents and teachers interested in learning more about the Suzuki Method:

  • Suzuki, Shinichi. Ability Development from Age. Zero. Alfred
  • Kreitman, Edward. Teaching from the Balance Point. Western Springs
  • Suzuki, Shinichi. Nurtured By Love. Summy- Birchard Inc.
  • Sprunger, Edmund. Helping Parents Practice. Yes Publishing
  • Starr, William & Constance. To Learn with Love A Companion for Parents. Kingston Ellis Press

Suzuki Association of the Americas – journals & conferences

European Suzuki Association

Useful Violin Addresses

Long & McQuade

The Violin Workshop
(Laidlaw Cresc.)
(minor repairs, strings, shoulder rests)

Jimmy Smith
(repair and bow rehair)

The Sound Post
(music, strings, violins, books)