Our Association

Canta Arya School for Strings is a Registered Charity not-for-profit association dedicated to supporting excellence in string teaching for children through the Suzuki method.

The school’s activities are supported by the annual family membership, charitable donations, and a vital network of volunteers. Each family is encouraged to volunteer their time to assist with the many musical events held yearly.

Canta Arya Board of Directors

The Canta Arya Board of Directors meets eight times yearly, with various committees created as needed to aid the many projects Canta Arya undertakes as a school. The Board works closely with the Canta Arya teachers/directors throughout the year in the implementation of musical projects.

“It has been a privilege to work with the dynamic and inspiring group of people who come together to support such a worthy cause as Canta Arya.” — From Maggie

Canta Arya Board Statement on Black Lives Matter

From the Suzuki Association of Ontario (SAO):

“The SAO strongly condemns all acts of racism, violence, and oppression against Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) and we stand with those fighting for reform and justice around the world.”

The Canta Arya Board of Directors wishes to state unequivocally that Black and Indigenous lives matter. Racism and systemic injustice in any form is antithetical to Canta Arya’s philosophy and values.