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Canta Arya School for Strings is a Registered Charity. Your donation toward our many outreach projects will be gratefully received and a tax receipt provided. Outreach projects this year include socially-distanced outdoor and virtual programming with the Providence Manor/Canta Arya program, providing student bursaries for students in need, and helping to support ongoing music projects in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Your gift today will enable Canta Arya to continue these worthwhile endeavours in our communities at home and abroad.

Congratulations to all who were involved in the making of this documentary.  It captured the beauty of what makes this collaboration so special. I am very proud of the little school Canta Arya and all its members. This short but powerful film embodies the underlying philosophy of Canta Arya of bringing music to all as a manner in which to cross all bridges and ages. – Donna D

I deeply cherish the ability to connect with PM residents through our music, and I wish I could be able to do this with my own family in another city. Having this time to not only bring performance opportunities to an isolated population, but also be able to play with my friends before I move away, has given me a bit of closure for my disappointment of not being able to say a traditional goodbye to this school, as well as the drive to continue this into my future studies in music and psychology. Thank you, Canta Arya, for inspiring me to keep sharing my music with others! – Ellie S